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Hemming Bird - Mother


Tr.01 - Galaxy

Tr.02 - Moonchild

Tr.03 - Eclipse and Starchaser

Tr.04 - The Native Alien

Tr.05 - Space Oddity

Tr.06 - Devil's walking on the sun 

Tr.07 - Stardust Victims

Tr.08 - Venus Entropy

Tr.09 - Mind Game

Release : LPR - 201 / 2018/01/31

Compose & Mastering : Hemming Bird

Produce & Sound Direction : Foilverb

Jacket Illustration : Yuki Nagi

Art Direction & Design : Tsubasa Ohtaki

Release by Last Parade Records


Hemming Bird joined "Everything Dreamed It" which is the compilation album of Last Parade Records.

This sounds are electro and alternative, and under the theme of SF movies and novels.
These qualities are unspeakably painstaking.It extends to the whole of soundscape.
When you wear your Headphone, it is the time to start the adventure of universe.

(C) 2018 Last Parade Records all right reserved.

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